Radio campaigns that get results; A well produced Radio Spot can inspire the imagination like nothing else. The listener’s mind is free to wander, to conjure up splendid and impossible scenarios, to hold their interest, make them laugh and most of all, pay attention!

Reaching the masses with Radio Advertising. Finding customers wherever they are by advertising your product on the radio. People listening to radio are usually doing something else at the same time. They don’t necessarily hear every word in a commercial, so it has to be good.

Target your market and the right customer; Gain listener’s attention with that headline or opening statement which attracts the maximum interest from the potential consumer. When you’re saying the right thing you’ll be surprised at how many people suddenly become the customers you need to reach.

Length of spots; Generally these can vary according to your specific requirements and we can discuss with you on how to feature your advertisement. Advertising plans detailing the frequency of advert, period of time it will feature, (e.g. twelve months) and preferred length of advertisement are available on request from SHRadio. Plans can be drawn up to suit most businesses, and tailored to suit specific requirements.
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